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We are the manufacturers of Aluminium alloy ingots and recyclers of industrial wastes and convert them in to useful metals. We belong to Shan Poornam Metals Sdn Bhd, Malaysia who are one of the pioneers in the industry.

Valuable E-Waste Management Services in India without compromising on Quality

Data Security

Destruction of E-Waste with assured Data degaussing and destruction of any storage devices.

Door to Door recycling

The door-to-door recyclable collection program serves as a transformative solution

Effective Management of E-Waste

Ensuring green computing practices and minimizing the environmental impact of discarded electronic devices

Prevents Air, Water & Soil contamination

effluent purification through installing a waste water treatment system


Reduce includes all the activities which reduce the generating of solid waste into the environment


The Usage of any product itself without changing its form and composition is called reuse


Recycle means re-covering a previously used object and giving it a second life.


Most of the materials thrown in the garbage can be used & processed in ways other than being destroyed. Such a process is recovering.

To produce and deliver Quality Product and Services to all of our customers at a competitive cost and meeting Total Customer’s Satisfaction while conserving the environment.

EHS Policy

We are committed to seek continual improvement in the Environment, Health & Safety policy

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Proven Customised Technologies for Aluminium & E waste Recycling

Our Technology are focused on the following areas:

Aluminium Alloy Ingots

All Type of Primary and Secondary Alloy Ingots Manufacturer

E-Waste Recycler

Authorized E-Waste Recycler

Plastic Recycler

Authorized Plastic Recycler

Enviro Metals Recyclers Pvt Ltd

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